At Pineapple Grip Socks, we believe that our world is worth protecting, and we're doing just that in our grip socks.
Are we super heroes? Maybe.
We’re bridging the gap between trendy and functional one grip sock at a time.

Pineapple Grip Socks | Dance, Barre, Pilates Grip Socks

Pineapple Grip Socks | Dance, Barre, Pilates Grip Socks

By using bamboo to manufacture our grip socks, we believe we're doing the world a favor. If we can minimize our carbon footprint by as much as possible, we feel we've done our part in this society.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo textiles use natural bamboo as raw material, extracting the bamboo fiber and processed by special cooking technology to produce. It is made without any chemical additives and is biodegradable by nature; hence the fiber poses a completely environmentally friendly sense. The fiber has an outer shine, a unique anti-bacterial and deodorant properties, as well as excellent coloring nature, elasticity, drape and abrasion resistance.

Sustainable Practices

Being ecofriendly is important to our company. We only use recycled paper for all of our stationary, packaging, and promotional materials. We do not use any harsh chemicals in the dying of our garments. Standard yarn creates unnecessary waste and landfill. By using Bamboo to create our grip socks, we are eliminating the wasteful processes most sock comapanies adhere to.

Facts about Bamboo

Bamboo is naturally green, ecologically friendly, and fully sustainable. It requires no pesticides, little irrigation, and regenerates naturally within 50-60 days. Bamboo is fully biodegradable. Other reasons we love Bamboo: it's breathable & cool, naturally antibacterial, odor resistant, has a natural luster, is non-toxic, has natural wicking properties, and is machine washable.

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