We make grip socks that make the environment smile.

We saw a need for a better grip sock, one that would keep you feeling as soft and cool as the Caribbean breeze on a hot summer day.

And, we are determined to be more than your average sock company. Our socks pack a sweet effect in performance as well as design. With our bamboo socks, your feet will feel great without sacrificing style.

Our moisture-wicking fabric pulls moisture away from your body in an effort to keep you dryer. By using moisture-wicking fabric made from environmentally-friendly Bamboo, whether you’re in dance, ballet, barre, or pilates, our socks are assisting you with a longer, more relaxed, and more comfortable workout. 

We started this fun, eco-friendly grip sock label so that whatever you do in your Pineapple Grip Socks, you’ll do it in style.

Being a Pineapple girl means staying active without sacrificing your style. It means enjoying a good margarita, embracing a fit & healthy lifestyle, and enjoying a sweet life all while giving back to your community and our planet.

Pineapple Grip Socks | Dance, Barre, Pilates Grip Socks

Pineapple Grip Socks | Dance, Barre, Pilates Grip Socks

We’re inspired by:

those who do what they love and love what they do

We make our grip socks with the planet’s softest and most sustainable bamboo.


Because we care about our environment and believe we should do whatever we can to protect it. We’re bridging the gap between trendy and functional one grip sock at a time.

By using bamboo to manufacture our grip socks, we believe we're doing the world a favor. If we can minimize our carbon footprint by as much as possible, we feel we've done our part in this society.

So, what makes us one of a kind?

We believe that it's time to take a stand in the world of eco-friendly fashion. We believe there is a better, more eco-friendly way to manufacture a design that won't let you down.